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U2 Tribute Covers & Co


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Found what's left of what I had before. Tried to match the Q CD with non-pros, and show the international nature of the fan base. It's inconsistent as some songs get covered more than others, and some I used individual instruments. Unfortunately a few links no longer work, and I've just labeled them "gone" - they were some of my favourites (if I remember right including an Italian band doing Zoo Station, and a great guitar version of Until the End with a kid twirling like a top near the end). I strongly recommend the piano dude's covers of the new album, and in general! Wish he'd do a tribute album of covers - never bought one before, but his I would. Oh, and KMFDM bit at the end is because of Edge drawing on them for AB.

zoo station

even better


until the end

who's gonna ride

so cruel  







bonus bass covers


and more of the uv piano guy


zoo station  

mysterious ways


and a few pros

jamie cullum mysterious ways (live with the suga babes)

devlins love is blindness (live with sharon corr)

kmfdm mysterious ways  

cassandra wilson love is blindness (live)

and now it's time to achtung! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXlLMhnHiGw
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Wow!! Thanks Koke-dera, there is some awesome stuff in your selection!! I really dig kmfdm's mysterious ways and the cover of One! jamie cullum and the sugar babes are epic !


Thanks again for sharing this !! If you ever come across the "gone" stuff again, don't forget about this thread ;)

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