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Christmas card exchange

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i have some fun U2 themed holiday cards that I have created in photoshop that I sell for $1 each to raise money for my african projects. I would love your help if possible. You can read more about them and order some at http://eartbyelsha.com/heart-cards.html



Ouch...wish you posted it earlier


@joshua84 check your email :)

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I have never felt as popular as i have today with messages lol! :)

You should all have the list now and the update too with a couple of countries added

my new years resolution - wear my reading glasses more when sending mails :) 

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It's been far too long since I last visited the Zoo.


Yea, tour rumors have bought me back to the forums.


Although I didn't part-take in the Christmas card exchange last year, it has always been something I loved. The way we as fans communicate and interact with each other no matter how far apart or how different we are.

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The card list has been sent out to all :)

Let me know if you haven't received it or any other problems you have with it.

Have fun :)


I haven't received the list yet.


Have sent again - I messed up - sorry :)

I do try and fail at times!!! But you do have it now 

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