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U2 confirmed to perform at 25th KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas

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I managed to get ONE ticket after being online for an hour and half when they went on sale. It was a disastrous experience for most. All the LA people would get tix, go to purchase them and it would say we were out of the area. Half an hour into it, ticketmaster fixed it. Needless to say, people are FURIOUS. Ticketmaster is the anti-Christ.

I was able to snatch 2 GA's in less than 15 minutes, I was so happy and at the checkout all ready to complete purchase and that restricted message came on and exited me out!! Added another credit card to see if it helped and was able to get a single ticket after trying for 2 tickets. I was very disappointed and upset after getting those 2 GA's first. What a mess!!!


 I'm happy at least I'll be there, even if it's not as close.

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Does anyone have 2 lower level seats they want to trade for 2 PIT?  Please PM me if you have them... they must be good seats.  I want to take a date and she is not looking forward to get to the Forum at 2 or 3am to get in line.  Let me know if you do... I know I know I am stupid but what I would not do for this gal.

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No U2 for Almost Acoustic Christmas says Edge on KROQ as thought. Since Bono has been told by his doctors to stay put. He cannot move for the next couple months. Can't imagine Bono this way. Get well Bono, we'll see you soon!


Ticketmaster will be refunding if you were going for U2 only.


Refunds for Night 2 of the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas (Sunday, December 14th, 2014) will only be available at Ticketmaster.com. Refunds must be submitted to Ticketmaster.com no later than Friday, December 12th, 2014



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