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Hello :)

i wanted to share here the #U2Request project! maybe some of you already know about it cos is spreading a lot on facebook and twitter :) btw i had the idea of the hashtag #U2Request to use JUST the day of the official announcement of new tour. I asked and got the support of many fans and pages Worldwide! we thought that if the hashtag #U2Request would become relevant the day of the announce, the band and Oseary could notice it :) how works #U2Request? it is simple: on the day of official announcement of new tour tweet #U2Request with a song(rarely or never played)you would like U2 play in new tour! So for example Acrobat Tomorrow Drowning man etc of course your choice is personal..what is important is to tweet #U2Request that day! Rumors are that there will be the announce in this week! if you want share the image on your fb and twitter pages just to promote the idea..what is important is to tweet #U2Request the day of the announce with a song!

thanks to everybody who will join the idea:) like i said before,many U2pages on FB and twitter shared it and are supporting it!

Thanks,and let's hope U2 will hear our voices!! :)


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Same as I would have said yesterday, but After today's presale adventure even more so definitely Acrobat - don't let the (Ticketmaster) bastards grind you down.

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