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The 5 songs in SOI that you've listened the most so far?

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I've just had a look in my ITunes at the 25 songs I listened the most recently and here is my top 5 of SOI's tracks--


1) Volcano (that was a surprise!) 


2) Lucifer's Hands


3) Iris & Sleep Like A Baby Tonight


5) The Miracle



What's your Top 5? 

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1) Cedarwood Road

2) Raised By Wolves

3) Volcano

4) Song For Someone

5) The Miracle


I'd say the gap between my most listened to and least listened to track is narrower for SOI compared to any of their albums.

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I need to clarify something here. Thank you for your answers but I didn't ask you about your "favorite" songs of the album, actually.


What I'd like you to do is--for those of you who have an ITunes account--to go to the "25 most listened to songs" in your library and then to rank the 5 SOI's songs from the most to the least listened to.


For instance, in my case, Volcano is 1st but is not my favorite song. It's first because It has 46 listens. Can you do that? Am I making myself clear, now? 


Thank you, 



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