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Upgraded my account and now what?

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OMG... didn't see the 'gift-thing'.... 

Got that package too!

AR2015; curious what they say if you manage to get through

They said they would "convert" my order to a regular subscription and email me.  They have not done that.  A friend tried to use the subscription promo code to open a new account as "the gift" and it still asked for a credit card.  The whole thing is botched up.

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Valse advertising TBH! The Package claimed we would qualify for Pre-Sales by buying one of the 3 options. I'm the same as you guys, paid the $50 and got emailed with an Invoice. If none of us get any E-Mail for Friday's Pre-Sale there's going to be a lot of Angry peoeple sending in Complaints.


Surely when our Vinyl or Book arrives it wont also have a peice of paper saying something like " congrats. For Future U2 events you'll qualify as soon as you make an account "  meaning We'll ALL miss this weekends Pre-Sale.

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I bought this "package" on 8 of October


1 (U2CBSN14) 
U2com9 New Subscriber Package: 2013/2014: North Side Story
This bundle includes:

(U2CFSN14) US$ 50.00
U2com9 New Subscriber 2013/2014

(U2CFFS14) US$ 0.00
U2com9: 2013/2014: North Side Story book and Map

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