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Tour Information Gleaned from TM - note CC entry requirements

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reposting this here since there seems to be more traffic in this area than behind the paywall.


Information found from looking through the Ticketmaster site for the upcoming NA tour.  Since the pages for each of the venues did not identical information it is unclear which of this is universal for all NA tour dates.


The stage will run the length of the floor down the center of the GA area.  There will be red zones. (see map below)

The cost of tickets runs from approx $40-$320 the variation seems to be due to facility fee differences. It is not clear if all non-GA seats are $300+.  when clicking on 'prices' it only shows two prices so its not clear if there are other levels.


Several of the venues are listing Credit Card Entry requirements for reserved seats. One listed it as only lower bowl reserved (United Center), others said all reserved and others didn't list any (New york). One also listed the floor GA as CC entry (phoenix). It is not clear if CC entry is going to be required at all sites for reserved seats.  Restrictions of CC entry are a) must present original CC used to make purchase, must present valid photo ID showing name matching CC. your entire party has to enter together.  See the Ticketmaster FAQ for details on exceptions (http://www.ticketmas...creditcardentry).  It is unknown if resale through Ticketmaster will be allowed or not. (i.e. tickets can be sold to be associated with a different person/CC, for a fee im assuming).


It is unknown if any of this applies to European sites


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