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Sorry if already answered elsewhere, but my status is unlear.


Previous paid subscriber from a few years ago. I've tried to renew today (http://www.u2.com/service/renew) & pick the $40 "Annual Subscription: Live Album" option. I click on "Confirm shipping address" and I get passed along to "Review Cart". I see the $40 item in there and click on "Checkout"...and it keeps crashing. Has been doing this all day.


If I go to my "Account Info" page, I see the following:


16 March 2015

Renew subscription


If I hover over my name "zuskie" at the bottom of this page, I see the following.

Group Subscriber (paid) Active Posts 0 Member Since 03-November 09


So my 2 questions are:

1) Does my "Account Active Until 16 March 2015" mean that I'm set up to get the presale code? Since I haven't been able to officially renew, I'm thinking no. But the "Account Active" and "Subscriber (paid)" notation is confusing me.

2) If I'm not currently set up to get the codes...do I just keep trying to "checkout" non-stop until 10am tomorrow?


The only email I received from U2.com today was around 10am with the general announcement about the tour. Nothing specific to me or my account.


Thanks in advance.


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I've been a paid subscriber to this site since 2009, and only sporadically get emails from them...I've emailed them through the help section multiple times, but its never been taken care of. I'm anxious about it at the moment, because I want my presale ticket info asap. But, I'm pretty sure (hoping?) that its on the 'tour' section of the website, when logged in... I've gone to shows in the past, with presale, but its been so long since I've had to buy tickets, I can't remember what I did last time...

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