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Swap Berlin for Köln

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Bought 1 ticket for Berlin Fri Sept 25 (GA) with my presale code. After the deed was done I realized there is no chance I'll make it to the show in time from where I live.


Sheer panic to get any ticket within my reach and my stupidity made me choose Berlin instead of going for Köln (about 2 hours away, Berlin appr. 5 hours away). So I'll have to try the general sale on Dec 6 and will probably end up with no ticket at all.   :(


Anyone willing to trade their general admisstion ticket for Köln on Saturday Oct 17 for my ticket Berlin Friday Sept. 25 (price € 71,40 general admission)?



It is a mobile phone ticket and I'm just waiting for a reply from the vendor if it is transferrable to another person at all. Hope so....


Any comments welcome. Thanks.



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