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Hi all,


I don't want to break any rules are anything but I have a question about tickets I have already purchased.   I got tickets for both shows in Chicago, 1st night lower bowl  and GA for night 2.


Because I'm not familiar with The United Center or how GA works up there, Is there away to trade tickets with someone who is going to the 2nd night and want GA?


I would be looking for the lower bowl again and yes I know there is a price difference so of course I would pick up the difference.


Again, not want to break any rules or laws.  Just want to know the best way to handle this.




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Soon there will be a Forum on this site for people that want to trade tix. 

The etiquette is exactly what you suggested...nobody makes money by selling there tickets or giving them away for the Face Value of the Ticket. 

I am sure others will be looking to do exactly what yoiu would like or the opposite....


there are also other sites out there that have similar etiquette...I forget offhand, but I recall using one other U2 fan created site for such purposes.


Good Luck,



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