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Ticket sold in a Strange mode ( usual Italian Style ) ?


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Strange ticket  sale  on  www.ticketone.it     for  the  italian  U2  2015  Tour, the  4  and  5 September

Tickets  start to  to sale  at  9.56 am : It was announced the start the sales at 10.00.


Why  they  start to sale tickets in advance ?


at  9.56 am  I selected  3 ( was available)  tickets:  I confirmed  but  next internet page tell me ( quickly ) that

all tickets  ( except  the  more expensive 195 € )  was not  available anymore.


In few seconds  all tickets was sold !!!


I think  that  the  U2 Band  and  the manager  must check  very well how  the tickets  are sold:

I think that  some people / companies  found the way  to buy  a  large numbers of tickets,

 that, may be, are not used directly but  resold.

It happened the same situation to others?
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non capisco il problema...può essere davvero che il tuo orologio non fosse perfetto...
nelle vendite pubbliche la waiting room apre prima della vendita effettiva e alle 10 in punto apre lo store

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