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Paperless tickets - Problem (MERGED)

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Just a heads up that last night in Glasgow they were doing ID checks for GA. However they mainly just checked that the name in your credit card and the ID match but it was a super quick process (as in if someone had for example had a family member's cards they probably would have passed without problems, they didn't seem to check that your photo actually matches your face).

But Christyblue I'm sure your son will be fine since your husband is taking them in.

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This is getting a bit silly now, i am in the same position and have followed U2 since 1981, i live in County Durham and have not missed a tour, at the time the tour was announced and tickets became available my Father generously paid for them with his credit card as a gift, he purchased 2 tickets one for me and another for my friend also a fan, out of curiosity i looked into how we actually get in (paperless) and am told that my father needs to swipe me in, that means a 300mile trip to do this and then home again with a huge travel and accomodation expense, we have contacted the useless/unhelpfull and downright couldnt give a damn if it gets sorted or not person! and it looks like we are screwed, maybe a skipe link could be set-up at the access point to dial to these card holders so they can be seen and show a valid passport? im sure i am not going to be the only dissapointed fan, out of interest how many fans have been turned away from previous U2 shows with this issue?, Gazza

We in same boat mate, we live in Co Durham and my Son is going to Glasgow,I got him the ticket for him on here as I'm a member and my husband paid for it it was for his 21St birthday cos I cannot go because of a disability and it's his 1St gig and he has always wanted to see U2.

Ive been in discussions with Bigwave and bless him he as been trying to help but got an email today from Glasgow SSE hydro saying same thing the Photo ID and name on Credit card have to match but they won't because my hubby paid on his card God it's been a nightmare.

My husband is taking him and we just hoping they will let him in because my husband will be there with all the necessary stuff,then I've heard that they are more concerned with scanning the credit card and getting them in. So we just hope all be ok and That's all you can do is go and hope for the best with your dads credit card of course good luck!!!

Am sure all will be fine, most places all has been needed is the original credit card, (some id checks, but very few from what I have heard) and if your fella is with him, then there will be no issue.

Cheers Bigwave for all that you have done,they have just set off to go to the show and if all is well and he gets in them I will post it on here to reassure everyone cheers all the best Christine x


Just heard from my Son & Husband that my Son got in ok but only because my husband was with him as it was his credit card we payed the ticket as it was for my Sons 21St Birthday.They did ask for My husband ID as it was his credit card and email confirmation so they did ask for all 3 at Glasgow Hydro tonight.

So just wanted to let people know that you have to have the person who's credit card payed for the ticket,I'm so glad he is in as it's my Sons 1St U2 gig and he has been so excited.

I do still think this system is not a great one because ticketmaster didn't tell us about this until after the ticket was bought and its so frantic trying to get tickets in 1St place,so I know from this thread that many people were in same boat as us and means if their ticket was bought with someone else's credit card that person has to be at venue to show their ID,email confirmation and credit card of course to swipe.

I sincerely hope fans were not turned away because of this which might of happened.

Bigwave helped where he could thanks again Bigwave but U2 need to learn from this situation because in trying to stop scalpels genuine fans are getting the flack for it and that's not really fair.

And how come it was only paperless for standing??

Hope others got into the gig ok!!!

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