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The Arizona Diamondbacks have baseball games on Friday (6:40pm) and Saturday (7:10pm).

. Phoenix Symphony is performing Mahler each evening at 7:30.


Many bars/restaurants might be busy with various types of fans

. Expect to hear "U2" songs as well as "Take Me out to the Ballgame", but probably not an aria...


Plan your parking or arrival time accordingly.

. Most on street parking meters allow 2 hours paid parking ($1.50/hour) with enforcement 'til 10:00pm_


At least the Diamondbacks haven't been sold out this season 


Chase Field and US Airways Arena are practically next door to each other. Symphony Hall is a couple blocks away. 

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Hello all! I will definitely be at both concerts! 


I'm a native Phoenician. Please do not try to camp out at this venue. First of all, I am not sure that it is safe down there. Secondly, with the train/light rail tracks nearby, plus gov't buildings, 99% sure they will evict anyone staying there.


I will reiterate the warnings about crowds. The Cubs are a HUGE draw in Phoenix, and the baseball stadium is only a couple blocks away to the east. Also, as said above, The Phoenix Symphony is also in concert both nights, and they are only a block away to the north. Expect parking charges to be REALLY HIGH in most garages downtown.


Today, my friend and I found out the joys of how to get into a credit card entry-only event when the credit card used to purchase the tix has been lost. We will be there around 8am tomorrow for the GA line. So, if you see two people dealing with checks of ID/billing statement/receipt in line, please don't get mad at me! We have already cleared this with Ticketmaster and US Aiways arena. Sorry if it takes a little longer to clear us through. Then I have to go to work for about 5 hours. Will be back around 4pm when they start letting people line up for real.


Sorry I can't make the meetup tonight! Wish I had come here sooner!

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