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POLL : What type of ticket were you able to get?

What type of ticket were you able to get?  

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  1. 1. What type of ticket were you able to get? (multiple choice)

    • GA
    • Red Zone
    • Lower Tier (non VIP)
    • Upper Tier (non VIP)
    • VIP
    • None :(
  2. 2. Got what you wanted?

    • No, grr!
    • Yes, whee!
    • No, but I'm fine with it

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So, I am intrigued to find out how many of us were able to get that golden GA ticket we so desire as opposed to paying over 300 bucks for a seat we so did not want just so that we could get to the show.  Granted, this is not a very scientific way to do it, many of us may not have wanted GAs in the first place.

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I got two GAs (me and my boyfriend) for Glasgow 7th November in today's onsale, which was what I wanted. Had a problem with payment processing, Ticketmaster UK for some reason didn't load my card, asked me to enter it manually, wouldn't permit me to use it as it "belonged to another member" [me! and I only have one Ticketmaster Ireland/UK account! and I was logged into it wtf Ticketmaster!], had to go back to the start of the queue, delete my saved card from my account, and re enter the card manually at checkout. But GAs were still available so all was good in the end. Haven't used my presale code yet as I'm saving it for the Dublin presale. 

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I got 2 GA for London on the 29th. I managed to get 2 GA for the 30th in the pre sale.


I was shocked by how good the AXS app was for tickets at the O2 I managed to get straight through on the app this morning with no delays where as my browser was freezing and loading etc. I only used the app on my phone as another potential avenue but I wonder if they run off different servers or something.

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Everything sold out before we could get anything. I'm so sad and now I'm worried they won't add more dates. 


I am very confident that this is the first of two, three or even four legs of a much bigger tour AND that they will be adding more shows to this initial leg.  Rumor before the tour was announced was that there would be 8 shows in NYC.  An astute fan commented in some other thread that there is a break in the sequence of the IDs associated to the already announced shows, indicating that more shows will be added.

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