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how can one make informed seat ticket choices with no stage map

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I hear you--and lots of other folks have been wondering/stressing about this as well.  Fortunately, through a lot of sleuthing, I think this has been solved (I disagree w/Kristaps' view).  See "Stage Design" and "Rear/Side Stage" threads.  Basically, the main stage is on the opposite end from the RZs.  The RZs are by a b-stage at that end.  The clearest map thus far released is from the San Jose SAP venue (NOT the TM map).  See below.  See also the Amsterdam map.  For more details, see the other threads.


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As usual U2 has a different take on how they intend to use the venues:


Runway with square stage (drum kit and guitars) at the venue's usual stage end.


Large circular B stage at the other end connected with runway the length of the venue splitting the GA into two sides.


Red Zone on the runway at the circular stage - facing the Square stage.


But here's the twist:


Suspended above and along the runway is a double sided flat screen which is best viewed from the side seating.


That is why the cheap seats are at the two conventional ends of the venue as these will have restricted views of the main screens. (or none at all)


By making the best view from the side seats they are able to offer greater numbers of "Best" seats.


Took a bit of ferreting out to fathom that one - The San Jose plan offered unlocked that.


The reseller sites have been more helpful making it clear seating behind the square stage will have restricted views.


Good luck in todays sales those still looking.



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