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Just got mine!!! I'm so excited and so happy and still can't believe I won!!!




Hello everyone,


This question is specially to Michelle and mullendrums: Could you please let me know the date of postage?

That's because I have moved from the place I used to live in Brazil. Now I'm in Ireland. I have already made contact with the local post office, there's nothing new there.

It would arrive soon in Brazil, but customs take to long to verify everything, so I believe that it'd reach my old address in 45 to 60 days. So I could tell the post office not to return the package and have someone to get it for me there.


Thanks very much!


Joshua, unfortunately I have already thrown the nondescript envelope away.  I can tell you that mine shipped from LiveNation in California and arrived via UPS. I know Mulls copy came from Dublin.

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My copy was shipped on the 20.1.2015 and was registered post from Dublin, I hope you get your copy sorted Joshua _ Temuh , Let us all know here bud.


And Mich one day we will meet mate :) I'd love to see your collection of all things U2.

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