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Question regarding the NLOTH Magazine Edition


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Hi guys,
I own the album in a jewel case but I want the digipak version too, the one with the fold-out poster.
My question is: did the magazine edition (not the box one) came with the digipak version or the jewel case version of the album?
Just trying to make sure I don't buy the same thing again.
Here's what I want to buy:
Does anyone own this?

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Oh I don't think the one in the picture above is the one with the big fold-out poster...I know which one that is....It's wrapped in somekind of plastic protection thing with the equal sign on it....you take the album out and it opens on two sides, one has the CD and the other one the booklet and at the end a two-sided poster, FEZ-Photos from the sessions on one side and the band on a Beach near Dublin (a beautiful Photo coloured in Light Blue)  on the other side of it....I hope I'm correct...I don't know if this is called the Digipack, I think it's called the De-Luxe version...


I'm absolutely SUre this package that I mentioned above is included in the Box Set, Since I have the box set, But the box set contains an additional two-sided poster :


Side One: U2 in Dublin (If I remember correctly)


Side two :  No Line On the Horizon - the natural phenomenon seen from the cliffs of Moher...Or something like that by I-can't-remember-Which Photographer...


The Conclusion is that it's not the one you posted above.

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