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Is Bono a free mason ?

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Ok well you guys can joke about it... but it was an honest question. Sorry if I offended.


you can still love Jesus Christ and be a free mason you know. 



Who wants to open that last statement up for debate ? Any takers? 

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Just no...I don't think so. And again...since when, putting your hans on your heart to show your love make you anything else than a loving person????

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bono is a born again Christian. so are the other members of the band except I think for adam clayton.......

What does being a born again Christian have to do with or not with being a Freemason.?  Lots of Christians are Masons (Freemasons). He may have learned bits of pieces of things because of symbolism but I seriously doubt he knows the craft :) And no, Freemasons are not Illuminati. 

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