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Hi All,


As Live nation are not responding to my requests I am wondering if any of you guys can help.


I purchased Songs of innocence deluxe with the tattoo T - shirt back on 3rd December, but have only received the CD. I have sent numerous emails to " Orderhelp" and did get one back stating that due to the festive period someone would reply in more detail within a couple of days. Well, the festive period has long gone ( sadly ) and despite my further requests for an update I have had no reply.


I was lead to believe that distribution was from the UK ( where I reside ) as well as the USA, so wouldn't have thought there would be any problems considering they charged 15 dollars for the privilege. And there was me thinking the 25% coupon was good value.


Is there another contact I should try and reach, or a dispute/resolution body that may be able to resolve this issue that you guys may know of, hoping none of U have suffered this same experience that is, but any advice would be most helpful.


Many thanks




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Call them.  You will get much further.  I had ordered the tattoo shirt back in October when it was pre-order only.  I waited and waited and then I sent email after email.  I finally called 2 weeks ago.  For some reason the order had been canceled.  I finally received my shirt last Friday.

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Sorry for delay in follow up. 


Coincidentally had an email from nation the very same same day I posted this. And finally I received the T-shirt about 3 days later. Someone is watching over us. ( Bloody nice shirt by the way ) Thx again.

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