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First clue the person next to you at a U2 concert knows nothing about the band:

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I remember going to an Oasis concert in 2000. I had 2 tickets and wasn't sure whether to give the second to my long-time best friend who is a massive Oasis fan or my then-boyfriend, who also claimed to be a big Oasis fan. I gave the ticket to the then-boyfriend who, once at the show, gradually turned out to only know Wonderwall and DLBIA. I was not amused.


Equally I can understand why someone would fib to get a ticket to see such a popular band/artist - they can then boast to their mates "Oh yeah, I've seen so-and-so live" and who knows? Someone who goes to a concert as a non-fan could well find the experience a transformative one and come out of the venue determined to buy all the CDs!  :)

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Disturbing....Same as one of my cousins who isn't even 1% as passionate about U2 as I am, seeing U2 in Istanbul in 2010...She's rich...If you're rich, you can afford to attend U2 concerts....I hate money !!!!!! I might never see U2......Oh Well...At least I'm alive !

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Oh my... :o


I've never experienced anything like that at a show, but when I did GA at one of the shows in 2011, the person next to me talked about The Killers ALL DAY.  I really wanted to ask if they knew they were seeing U2 that night.


I do love it when people talk about being "huge U2 fans" and then you start talking to them and find out they only own The Joshua Tree.


And as for Bad....I hope I hear it again this year.  Haven't seen Vertigo.

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