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People coming from out of town to Chicago-major music fest in Milwaukee at the same time


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  Hello Everyone,

     I am posting in case someone is not aware of Summerfest; which takes place in Milwaukee, WI and is about 90 minutes due North or Chicago.  It is a major music festival.  It runs from June 24-28, stops for two days and then resarts June 30-July 5, 2015.  This festival gets no coverage in Rolling Stone or any other of the press (which I'm trying to change) and is a great music festival.  The amount of music going on at any even time is truly amazing.  

You can go to Summerfest.com and see who headlined the side stages for 2014.  There are always major headliners at the Marcus Ampitheater.  Last year I saw Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga (dud of a show), Jake Bugg, Nas, Bonnie Raitt, New Order, Arctic Monkeys, The Head and the Heart (my favorite band after U2 now)....it goes on.  The year before I saw the Foo Fighters play one of the best shows I've ever seen.  Save U2 of course.

The big acts announced at the ampitheater so far this year are:  Florida Georgia Line; which is almost sold out already, Linkin Park and Keith Urban (who I am majorly excited to see as he can smoke on the guitar and luckily it's one of the nights I'm not in Chicago)

Below is a picture of one of the side stages.  There are 11 side stages.  I saw everyone listed above save Bruno and Gaga and the Foo Fighters at the side stages.  It is $19 for weekends, $12 for weekdays and 3 day passes, for any day, are $45.  For the admission price you can see any act at any side stage.  If you opt for one of the larger acts at the Ampitheater then admission to the grounds is included. There are vendors everywhere as long as many other things going on in addition to the music.

I highly suggest you check this out.  The Amtrak station is about a mile or so away from the Summerfest grounds which are right on the lakefront.

It is a lot of fun and as time goes by they will be announcing more and more acts.

Keith Urban goes on sale to general public Feb 6th.   I've gotten backstage quite a few times and every act I have been lucky enough to meet have said it's one of the coolest festivals they've played.  

The Marcus Ampitheater is the only place Prince will play live outdoors.  It's my favorite place to see him.

I'm not just hyping this because I live here.  It's one of the best music festivals, period.







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