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'Making Waves' - Aoife McArdle’s Short Film 'Every Breaking Wave'

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Love this. There was a bit of commotion on social media about U2 needlessly digging up Ireland's troubled past but I don't get that in this - I just see a very good piece of work.. I like the use of The Troubles in their too, especially as I love that track. 

I think the criticism was that U2 were "cashing in on the Troubles"...as you said, I just don't see that. This is a wonderful little piece.



People just get confused on social media. If they would chose to read up and understand the work then they would see that it is a piece of work by a film maker, who has chosen to put U2 music in the film as the sound track, because that felt right to them - its not actually a U2 film. All the band have done is allow their music to be used as the musical backdrop.

That said, and to agree - there are many people 'cashing in' on the troubles but usually in the politcal and tourism arenas - rock bands would pretty far down the list, if even on it!

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Think the whole video is amazing,,,why hide the past from everyone a gripping movie with great music trying to tell a story..not trying to make money of the so called troubles in Ireland...think there should be more videos regarding the troubles what both sides went through..brill video..

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