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iOS listeners love U2!


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We're on track !!!


For U2's information, I'm listening to a Truck Load of U2....Buying their CDs from Amazon or my Local record store and listening to them on Winamp, using a precarious (keeps skipping through the songs) HP- Laptop-CD/DVD-Player and of course, Headphones to hear every layer, every whisper, every secret sound......Sweet Solution: I am Ripping them in WAV using Windows-7-Media Player to get an even stronger effect, a really great lossless format, I compared my *POP*-WAVs which I ripped 10 years ago from the CD, immediately after I bought it (2005) and then listening to the actual CD yesterday and there's no difference !!!!!


Conclusion...Although I don't use Apple/(i)tunes/ios or stuff like that....I am listening to a truckload of U2 everyday in LOssless on my laptop, sometimes I listen to them when I'm drawing and I get some pretty intense inspiration.....


So almost all my money goes into U2 CDs !!! :D



Oh and YouTube for the tracks I can't get my hands on......

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