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Plans for Saint Patrick's Day!

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English Beat is playing downtown in Melbourne Florida Saturday for the early kickoff of St. Patricks at the Irish Bar, it will be close to impossible to get anywhere near the place but my husband is running the show so that is where I will be for the early party, it doesn't stop there, parties downtown until Tuesday and every Irish dancer and band around is scheduled, he'll be running those shows as well. It actually starts with Drowning Pool tomorrow night and its a non stop festival. WE PARTY HARD HERE FOR ST. PATTY'S. I use to go to Dublin and that was well...odd, especially with a broken leg at the Clarence one year and the house doctor couldnt make it through the parade, the staff had to go get my meds and it was BAD, their house doctor did not consider I weigh less than a 100 pounds and gave me something that had me puking non stop. Hobbled down to the Kitchen for a few that night, got special dinner from the chef, God bless his soul..he personally made me filet mignon when I was in the library crying for McDonalds. It's a wonderful hotel , my dad was our State Representative and sent an official letter for taking such good care of me. Such good folks at that hotel but St. Pat's in Dublin is nothing like here at home. THIS PLACE GOES MENTAL! So load ins went on all night tonight for the shows, and by tomorrow the madness begins since we are in FULL SPRING BREAK, ALONG WITH BIKE WEEK GOING ON, ITS PACKED WALL TO WALL HERE. WEATHER IN THE HIGH 80'S, SURF IS UP, AND BEACHES PACKED. Just hope everyone stays safe!

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My daughter was a Champion Irish Dancer here and her best friend is hardcore Irish, their whole family is Irish so they will bring food by as well as drink in between. My daughter is living in Chicago so we all know that is the one place that goes crazy as well for St. Patricks. She will be dancing her butt off!

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i dont live in ireland but I enjoy St. Patrick's Day here in Cuba... I dress up in green! I will go out for dinner  with my mister... Some day I will travel to Ireland before Paddy's Day. Love Ireland!

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