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A Message to U2.


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As an artist.. we are at war...


I was saddened by the fact that music sales are declining.. people losing jobs, artist gone haywire.


I need your help and other fellow artist with this project.


its about educating the listeners the relationship between "Our music" is like our son or daughter. we need to feed them, Nourish and give back tothe listeners, it's not about the money.. but.. the value itself..


so this next level project is about cherishing that music. to let the people feel that we all need that art back to music. not just some tap water


its not about stopping download music, its about educating people how important music where John Lennon and Yoko Ono Wrote "Imagine" the art itselfis cherished.


A revolution when Bob Marley was an Artist

John Lennon was an Artist.


We all reunite to make this project work....


Please help me..


Reciyr Seraphim





I don't blame the consumer downloading music or maybe I'm just an old timer that don't embrace the digital era. lol..



Ipod killed the CD Star lol

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