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 My big brother died young but he taught me how to be more understanding, less judgmental and much more loving. My brother was emotionally unstable and lived an isolated pained life. One day I got the call at work that he passed in his sleep and it was like my world ended. I prayed day and night that he would not linger and that he would go with the angels to be with God and to finally be at peace.  (2) months and  lot's of depressive- sleepless nights after he died - I awoke and the room I was in turned orange-and a bright but warm light appeared and in the middle of the light was my late big brother-smiling with a beard ( like a chubby paul mccartney with a beard!) I got up and said " Its great to see you Louie-you look happy" ( I could smell him too) then I scolded him like old times and said, " I told you to go to God and leave mom and me alone-didnt you suffer enough-please dont watch us suffer. We will be alright. I'm just so happy to see you smiling again."  His image slowly dissapeared. The light instantly took away my anguish and I've been accepting of his loss ever since. It was so kind of God to let my last memory of him be so wonderful and life changing. I know that if God can be so loving and merciful to a garden variety sinner like myself, that God will save your daughter and I pray one day bring her back one more time before you meet up in God's painless-loving embrace. May God heal you and your family. 

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