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Most Under-rated U2 Songs?


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This has probably been done before so sorry if it has. Just curious to know people's thoughts of what you think are U2's most under-rated songs? For me the two that stand out are Into the heart and luminous times. Anyone agree or can add?

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I dont mean to sound fecetious; or to be too much of a sychophant; but U2 are such a talented group that writes such incredible music both sonically and lyrically that most of their music is over-looked by the American Radio establishment , that only their older music is playedon classic radio.(complete shame!) I did hear a mellow-soft music station play one of the new tracks but its just rediculous that mainstream radio isnt playing the new record like they play Katy Perry , Rihanna and new commercial acts. I know they have to sell tickets to kids (I know the parents that reluctantly take them) but such incredibly well written, poinant-emotional music like u2's should be shared with the masses of young people just getting into the scene. It could only help young artists to be exposed to one of the greatest groups of musicians that have ever existed. (and thats not knocking all the great groups from history.) Its been an honor and privledge to have lived in the U2 era; and to have taken friends and family(woman) and anyone I could turn on to this great blessing that is U2. :D  

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