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Well..up way before the sun rises. Super nervous and yes, scared. My son and I are taking that dreaded drive from the East coast (Cocoa Beach) across Florida to the West coast (Tampa) this morning. I hate these check ups. The drug protocol they gave him which was BRUTAL, he was given more chemo than any other human (platinum based) 24 hours a day for 6 days straight, off for two weeks, repeat 24/7 for 6 days, repeat, repeat 7 surgeries, an entire neck rebuilt with rods and pins cuz the cancer shattered his neck and crushed his spinal cord, they actually cut the tumor off his spinal cord, said he wouldnt walk again, cancer throughout his entire body, from the bones to the lungs and organs, and well, he is back to 90 percent of surfing (pro surfer) level and launching airs all over, surfing big surf and flying through the air again. Running 5K every morning and skateboarding all the time. He actually coached his old team from high school all the way to Nationals they just finished the Eastern Championships this past weekend, anyhow, by the Grace of God, 2 years of non stop doctors, living in hospitals for months, turning my home into a gym (( I took everything out and put in all workout gear, even massage tables) anything and everything he could need, I spent every dime I had saving his life, but I lost my mom during it all My heart is in a place it has never been. I have lost her home, my childhood home. It was too big for me and I have a home down the street, but I got a contract on hit without putting it on the market, thank God, I could not have handled that, I am a Realtor myself, but it was just too personal. Anyhow, I got a message from my attorney's last night (ironically they were all working on Easter, getting messages at 3am on Easter morning was bizarre). I wont see any money cuz I am giving it to my brother who stayed here and helped me and my mom and my son. My other brothers are fine, he isn't He says no its half yours, my response is NO ITS ALL YOURS. So many friends and other family are like you are crazy with everything you went through you lost your entire savings, you gave up your life, you gave up your job, on and on and on I just can't bring myself to take one cent I could not have done it without my brother So, I got up this morning for our appointment to see if my son is still in remission OH BY THE WAY THE DRUG PROTOCOL THEY DID ON HIM WAS IN TRIALS AND JUST GOT FDA APPROVAL, WHICH MEANS IT IS AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE IN THE USA NOW, YOU DONT HAVE TO BE IN TRIALS! ITS IMMUNATHERAPY WITH THE PLATINUM BASED CHEMO THAT WAS WHY I COULD NOT TALK ABOUT IT, FOLKS WOULD ASK HOW IS WINNING? WHAT ARE THEY DOING? I LOST A LOT OF FRIENDS TO CANCER THAT WERE YOUNG BECAUSE THEY DID NOT GET THIS PROTOCOL MY SON SAID LEARN EVERYTHING YOU CAN IF ONE LIFE IS SAVED MY LIFE IS WORTH IT, I WAS EXCITED WHEN THEY APPROVED IT ON MARCH 31ST, 2015 (BASICALLY LESS THAN 2 WEEKS AGO) Anyhow, it is with a heavy heart, fear, that I will be feeling today walking through the doors of Moffitt (they are miracle workers) I am just so scared it will come back, when I get back home to Melbourne Beach that is in Florida not Australia LOL, I have to go sign the papers to close on my family home. I grew up in that house, my dad built the pool for me, it was my 11th birthday present, every little girl dreams of a pony, I use to ride all the time and left our horse in Alexandria Virgina when we moved here, I ran into the backyard thinking my horse was here, and there posts for a pool He had no clue how that would change my life, I began surfing and training in the pool, lol, I tried explaining what surfing was when I was only 12 in London to this boy and explaining I was going to Hawaii to compete in the US championships LOL, that was 1979 in London England. MY WHOLE LIFE CHANGED WITH THAT POOL. OK, no I was not a spoiled rich girl, I was just a girl, whose whole life changed when we moved to Florida. Now, I think about my son and how surfing and the wanting to surf again, gave him the strength to fight this monster Cancer Jesus, it's been one hell of a ride Its been like riding the biggest gnarliest wave of my life So..Lord willing he will get a good report, Lord willing the sale will go good, cuz it has SUCKED UP TO NOW, and Lord willing my brother will have enough money to start over, and Lord willing I can go back to work and maybe just maybe if my daughter did what I think she did I will be able to fly to her home in Chicago and see U2 play. The last concert we went to was me and her and we went to Miami for Elevation Tour. I want to hear Every Breaking Wave more than ANYTHING live. It has reminded me of October, the song that was never finished I always related to October that was when I left England in the spring and had to train for Hawaii in October of that year, so it was always special. Every Breaking Wave touched my soul. So, that is the catchup on my life, its been a nightmare that just kept going on and on for the past couple of years, today I pray for good news. PS-My son is officially moving to Huntington Beach, he took a job with the surf community, most of the time will be in Malibu, but headquarters is Huntington Beach and Newport. THAT IS IF THEY CLEAR HIM TODAY..Once again..every breaking wave :) rules our lives. Adios and Lord willing next post will be good and hopefully I will get to see U2 again, first show was War Tour in Orlando, I want to see this tour! 



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Sorry for the NOVEL but I was going to scream if I didnt get this fear out. I feel better now. Oh it was Vertigo tour not Elevation tour in Miami, been a long time.  Hi Bigwave!!! Looking forward to listening with you on this tour!

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