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Donate to Amnesty International & get free tickets

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I'm coming from Australia for a U2 road trip and I've ended up with 4 tickets extra for this show (as i've bought upgraded tickets).

I am worried that these tickets will sit empty, so I've tried to find a creative way to find a home for them.


So here is my idea:  If you make a donation to Amnesty International of USD $80 I will give you a ticket... donate USD $160 and i'll give you 2 tickets etc.

So if you already have tickets - do you know someone who might like to go and you can do a little good at the same time?


What do you think?


I'm also offering San Jose tickets on that forum.


The ticket details:

US Airways Center, Phoenix, AZ
Fri, May 22, 2015
Section 232   Row 6  
Original Cost $110.00 each


How the donation might work:

- message me here to confirm the tickets are still available

- I'll provide you my details (name / address etc)

- Then make a donation to amnesty in my name / address / email via http://www.amnesty.org.au/

- When amnesty emails me the donation receipt I'll send you the tickets

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