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U2 Reschedules 'Tonight Show' Appearance (watch live)


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If you missed it (or want to watch it for the first time,) the full show is now available on http://www.nbc.com/the-tonight-show and hulu.com


enjoy! =D

"This content is currently unavailable"



this is the part when you use the power of the VPN links mentioned a few posts ago... ;)

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I think 3 or 4 clips are up on the youtube channel.


I took 4 things from the promo video


1) safety lighting so Bono doesn't fall off or punch up a hand through the screen. Should have gone farther - harness with wires, so if he does fall, he just flies over the audience like Peter Pan ;)


2) lots of crosses, will they be burning at some point?


3) Larry walking with the snare - revisiting the Artane Boys Band and his childhood?


4) a bullet shatters the lightbulb


and in the was I seeing things department, it looked like a spiral staircase at one point, or was that an aritifact of the lighting or part of the lightbulb?

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Aussies who have Foxtel, U2 on The Tonight Show will be on channel E on Tuesday in the afternoon. it's think ~3:30pm.

Thanks BB. It's also on ABC2 Tues 10.30 pm.



Hi kings, I forgot TTS was on abc as well, sometimes they show old shows. 


the guys will definitely be on Tuesday arfternoon or night :)

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