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Well not a great experience queuing in GA for London # 3. I am only writing this so that everyone is aware of what could happen. I thought U2 fans were a friendly community, and by and large we are,  however,  my experience was a little disconcerting and a very small minority of those in the queue on the 29th in London were annoyed at people jumping ahead of them and I was apparently "the people jumping ahead of them".  It led to my group of friends to feel very upset as they felt there was unfair and inconsistent treatment of regulating the queue. Some of the very early fans were crossed off the number list by the self regulating fans (harshly) because they had popped off to the toilet or to get a drink. 


To cut a long story short, my friends arrived early and a got number in the self governing system of writing something on the back of their hand. They informed one of the fans - name begins with "V" but I won't name him personally that they had another fan arriving (me) who could not queue too early due to health reasons.  They also informed the fans near them.. I arrived 2 hours after them with another 50 - 60 people (1.5 rows behind them) and stayed in my spot as I didn't want to jump ahead. After chatting to a few friendly fans near me, my friends pulled me over to them - it's a 7 to 8 hour queue time and to be 1.5 rows behind and not chat to sit with them would be silly. They told me it was fine as they'd cleared it with the people nearby as well as the person giving the numbers. 


Whilst some of you may say I queue jumped - and I did - I thought as a small community for the one person to join his friends wouldn't be too bad. But I fully appreciate that if 4 or 5 of my mates turn up and do that it is unfair. So yes a touchy subject but what would you do? I asked a few of the fans ahead of me if I could join my group and they said yes but off course they cannot speak for everyone.  All is good and 6 to 7 hours goes by.


Around 5pm before the wrist banding  the fans in charge of the self regulating system wasn't happy (not sure if someone had complained of others jumping the queue as well?). I don't know his name and he may be well known here so I will keep this factual. He started his checking near me and after arguing with two people ahead (unsure of reasons)  he got to me and raised a fuss as I didn't have a number. My friends protested it was agreed and I had been with them for the bulk of the day without issue. However, he called security and another group of fans stood around unhappy at it. We had security and a some annoyed fans around our little group of 4. To top it off, another fan (Mr V) comes over and gives me a telling off in public. Thankfully some fans nearby stood up and confirmed that I had been with my group for 7 hours and had not just queue jumped at 5 pm. That would be unacceptable and everyone would have the right to be annoyed..  I remained silent as it was just a spectacle. In the end I told security I will stay with my group and join the queue back where I came (not far behind). More than happy to do that but all this attention and fuss is just upsetting and dampening the excitement of the concert. I had the beanie on and was pulled to the side to wait and re-join the queue at the point where I entered. You may have seen me there... :)


So if you are going to self regulate the queue as a fan - please be polite, show insight and chat to anyone who may have jumped in a considerate manner. Why create a scene and ruin what turned out to be a lovely concern.  Don't penalise one person if you have had (apparently) many compliants of people jumping the queue. Be fair and consistent.


After many years of doing GA and never having a problem letting in the odd one person ahead of me if they are joining their friends ( assuming it is not at the 11th hour) I left the gig with a sour taste in my mouth. 

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