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Please read & rate my poem..."Paul (Bono)"


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A soul showers us gently with an incandescent glow,

That comes in vibrant colors and shimmering shades.

A true light that curves easily through tumultuous flow,

Briefly touches each heart with a love that never fades.


A rebel voice carries a rhyme and reason delivering truth,

To the masses that listen to this beautiful opera falsetto.

Granting sight to the blind and courage to the youth,

He harbors a grief for the suffering children of the ghetto.


A powerful message is translated to all with a willing ear,

Questioning our desire for change and calling for action.

There is no better way to acknowledge our strength over fear,

Than by returning the respect with our collective admiration.


One can barely describe the intense emotional turbulence,

Created by his unique vibrations that carry us into the sky.

Shaking us to the core, we are lifted up by his brilliance,

And given a gift of wisdom, we are then taught how to fly.


It was foretold such a talent would bring this world insight,

Igniting a passion through profound words of benevolence.

Entranced in glorious sound, we are caught up in his flight,

Glowing from his shine we discover our own magnificence.

By Michelle Lynne Marcak

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