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Los Angeles Shows 3 And 4 #U2ieTour Live Thread


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Night 3 in LA was amazing!  What they did with the stage and the screen was unprecedented.


HOWEVER, be prepared for the stage to be reversed from what was originally on TM when you bought tickets!!  I thought I was at the end of the walkway by the circle stage in section 121 only to find out I was behind the stage.  BIG blunder by TM.  Went to the Forum box office and they had a large number of people complaining.  They said to call Live Nation.  I called Live Nation and they blamed The Forum.


Still a great show...closer to the stage and the band was cool. but behind a pole with partial obstructed view.  NOT what I thought I bought months ago.  BTW, TM has since changed the stage to the corrected view (within the last 48 hours!)


There are other posts about it in other threads as well, Live Nation blaming the Forum is laughable to say the least as the blame isn't on the Forum at all. It's pretty much been that way for every show from what I have seen and heard from friends who assumed they were close to the main stage in reserved sections going off the floor plan presented to them at time of purchase several months ago only to find out they were further away from the stage because it was reversed.

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