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It's the first time I listen to this song and it really reachs me. It's a very beautiful song and the lyrics are very deep.

Now I'm listening to it over and over again.


Does it happen to you that you've been listening something for many years and suddenly one day you really pay attention truelly ?


You find new emotions, new sensations and then it gets printed in your soul for ever. Or maybe those feelings are in you but you start to remember and give them permission to appear.


I don´t know

Just thinking, or wondering, or enjoying, or all of this.

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During the concerts, Bono talks about being 18 years old & writing a song for Ali and then they play Song for Someone.

It's so true about hearing a song many times but not truly listening - and then one day for some reason - it hits you. The song "Bad" was like that for me. I knew it was about addiction, but during this tour, Bono said, "what do you want to let go of?" and I realized how much I want to let go of my grief over the deaths of my mom and sister. So now, that's what "Bad" means for me. Letting go of my grief.  

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Can anyone help me with this question as to who wrote song for someone, I'm sure I read somewhere that Edge wrote it for Morleigh but a fellow fan told me Bono wrote it about Ali.

Cheers if anyone can help :)


I believe the lyrics were written by Bono and it's about him falling in love Ali for the first time

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