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My one GA 7/23 for your GA 7/26


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Not sure if this will work out, but it's worth a shot.


I have 1 GA ticket for the 26th

1 GA ticket for the 27th


Willing to buy/trade/sell these if I can get what I want...1 GA ticket to the 18th and 1 GA ticket to the 19th shows, to see them with my older sister who turned me on to U2 when I was a kid. Haven't seen a show with her since Elevation 2001 in Boston.


If you can help me get this all done, I'm happy to sell you what I have at a discount in gratitude. Sorry it's 2 separate nights, but maybe we could just work with one of those nights if you like. Basically, I'm open to all ideas, especially ones I haven't thought of!




[MOD EDIT] PM here.

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