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Need 1 or 2 GA tix for LA5!


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ETS: ONLY NEED 1 Ticket now!  Covering all my bases on all the fan groups. Hoping & praying & sleuthing in hopes of landing 1 or 2 GA tickets for the 3rd! Haven't seen any of the LA shows yet, despite a Herculean effort to get into the Roxy!

I kid you not - I called KROQ over 1,300 times trying to win Roxy tix. In the last 2 days of the contest alone, I called from my iPhone 1,000 times, and that didn't include the simultaneous Skype calls I was doing on my laptop, or the week before! Went down to the Roxy to try to get in with all the other hopefuls & no dice. sad.gif Met a woman who HAD won tix from KROQ & you know how many times she called? 3(!) song cues. angry.gif Just look at my Twitter to feel my pain... @margot_murasz 

Unfortunately, I'm currently unemployed, so I can ONLY do face value. I've got a Craigslist alert set & notifications on all relevant Twitter accounts & fan pages - it kills me to see someone wanting $350 each for 2 GA tickets. 

I'm able to Paypal or Square Cash or meet you at the Forum... uber early OR not...your choice!! Would be more grateful than I can even express in words! heart.gif
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