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After more than 10 years as a zoo mod today, sadly, Baja has decided to step down from her role.


She has let the u2comteam know who in reply said :


"I think we are wise when we can 'listen to our life' as a writer called Fred Buechner puts it - and sometimes we listen and think it's time for a change.

...You have been a great friend to the band and a great storehouse of energy and information and advice in the forums over the years - we hugely appreciate all you have done for us".


Baja made a post on her Facebook page and fans have left really nice comments in appreciation for all she has done for them, for the U2 community in that time.



Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 08.04.24.png


We thought it would be a nice tribute to have a special thread here, where we can all, in our own way, say thanks to Baja.

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Baja. 3.33 just fell off the clock face here in England. Lost between the midnight and the dawning.
U2 lyrics tend to rise up within us fans and are sometimes able to express feelings that might go otherwise unsaid. They often fit when our own words are not forthcoming. I look at that lyric from Unknown Caller again and the song is playing through my head right now.


You were there when I started my own journey on this crazy ride in Zootopia. At the very heart. "Fuck up and you're out' were your first words of advice. Good advice. I have done that very thing once or twice (effed up)... as we all do in life. But the sentiment was correct, its not a job for the faint-hearted or thin-skinned. 

You were always straight with me, even when it might not have been something I wanted to hear, or necessarily agree with. But for which I thank you.


As is the way of doing this role, especially in times of such intense band & fan activity, communications are never ideal - we sometimes work with scraps, sometimes with nothing at all, as best we can on our own initiative.

Time zones, family things, other work things all affect and interrupt... and its sometimes tricky to prioritise, but in the end, we all need to make decisions on what is right for ourselves.


You are a highly respected person in the U2 fan community and have helped God knows how many out over the years. We don't always get that right, how we end up dealing with some of those, as I well know.. but at least we have tried to do our best.

Its all we can ever do.


#U2ieTour L.A has been a rollercoaster. Some real lows. Some real highs. Its still rolling, about to move on to another city, another time, another place... 


Shout for joy if you get the chance


your fellow mod, bigwave.

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I can't believe the news today.....


I'm beginning to think this tour should have been called The Tour of Misfortunes.  This is another great loss for the U2 community in my book.  You've been here since the first day that I decided to stick my head in the Larry folder, over 10 years ago.  You have been like a maternal figure for us.  You have been our friend and had to knock us back in line when we got too rowdy.  You've had to have patience and had to bite your tongue, when you probably had so much more going through your head.  You have had to deal with so much, but I hope in the end, all the good stuff outweighs the bad.  I hope there are no regrets for giving us that chunk of your life, because we truly appreciate what you have done here.


This is the end of an era, but I know this is not good-bye.

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Hi Baja, I'm with Mich by telling you how appreciative we are of you and your time. I know and understand how things can and do get crazy for the mods in the Zoo at times. It can't be an easy thing all the time. Think I've been here about the same time as Mich and you. Since Vertigo about 10 years ago.  Just wanna say I'm very happy you and the other Zooies were able to make The Roxy Show. Was it you that let Sil Rigote know that we were thanking her? :wub: Without you, or people like Sil and others who can make a difference in the Zoo....things couldn't be the same and I wish you the best and know you will continue your love for U2 in the fandom.  See you around..and Be Happy & Rock On.!!.. :)

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I've also been around since the Vertigo zoo and i must say it will be strange poking my head in here and not seeing you, well at least as a mod. Thanks for everything, and I wish you the best of luck on your new adventure. See you around :)

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Good Luck on your road of life.  May it be full of adventures, as it has been here at the Zoo.  You will be missed by a lot of people here.  Take care.  -- LMM  aka Lani

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