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I'd love to hear it, but I'm not holding my breath either!


I think they rehearsed it a few times in 1992 before the "Outside Broadcast" leg of the ZooTV tour in an acoustic version, and I think there might have even been a poor quality bootleg recorded outside the stadium.  (Sorry to be so vague, I don't have my old cassette bootleg collection anymore so the best I've got is decades old memory.)


Maybe one day they'll do some "complete album" shows like some other bands have done, but short of that, it doesn't seem like something that would pop up at random.  But if you would have asked me before the 360 tour if we'd ever hear "The Unforgettable Fire" or "Ultraviolet" again or "Your Blue Room" at all, I'd never would have imagined those - so I think anything is possible.  I think they've been made aware over the years that it's a well-loved song for a lot of fans.

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I think there really waiting on some extraordinary night to break it out one day.  I would have to believe they realize how its been building to an almost "cult like" status among diehards at this point.  I suspect it happens next leg of the us in 2016

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