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Wanted: ANY Two Tickets For Toronto Tues. July 7th


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Myself and my best friend are looking for ANY two tickets available in the $46.50 - $113.25 price range for Toronto Tues. July 7th; unless someone holding $298.50 tickets is desperate to sell at WELL below cost, we can't in all fairness afford to make an offer for those. They don't even have to be together (although if we were given the option, that would be a nice bonus); we both just want to be somewhere in the building that night. We're both huge, life-long fans from the 1980s, so you would have very good company with you at the show. From today onward, I will be checking this board regularly every day until July 7th or until tickets are found one way or another, so please drop us a line and thank you kindly in advance to anyone that can help us out!

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