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"Limited View" seats advice


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We had limited view seats, down low (row 5), at the corner of the stage in section 115. We were so low and so close that a good portion of the view of the stage was blocked by the tree trunk of cables that hang at the back corner of the stage. Thanks to the advice of someone in our same predicament who had gone before us and then came back to our section to tell us, we went to the box office and politely complained about the view. I showed the ticket person a photo of our view and asked if there was a chance of being moved. He asked for my existing tickets and disappeared for a minute. He came back with tickets for us in row 8 of section 112. These seats were fantastic. If you have bad seats like we did, it's worth asking if something can be done. The box office is in the northeast corner, I believe it was around section 204. Good luck.







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