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Shout out to Row 7 Sec 335 at the United Center who RUINED last night's show!


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Thanks you immature self-involved d-bags occupying Row 7 in Section 335 of the United Center last night.


When 100% of the audience behind you -- all 20 something rows of us -- asked and asked and asked you to sit your asses down, you defiantly blocked everyone's view shaking your unfunky sorority girl asses and taking selfies and generally being unpleasant.


When there are obviously handicapped people who can't stand directly behind you, and your asses are blocking their view, maybe you should be polite and sit the hell down? Just because you are at a concert doesn't give you carte blanche to act like no one else nearby matters.


Then things got yell-y and punch-y and there was some chest-puffing standoffs between the large drunk men you were agitating and your white trash boyfriend(s). 


Yeah, that was awesome to have to watch during the acoustic segments of the show. 


I hope all 200 to 300 of the selfies you took are blurry.


And to the lady vaping giant clouds of raspberry steam - Eff You!! Why is that crap allowed at concerts? I felt trapped next to a sentient-but-retarded incense spewing machine. Just disgusting.


I guess there was a concert happening. None of us past Row 7 could see any of it.


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