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Looking to purchase 2 GA tickets for Boston Saturday 7/11 show (possibly other dates)


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I'm looking to purchase 2 GA tickets for the show on Saturday 7/11 in Boston.



I'm trying to surprise my girlfriend for her birthday. She's from Ireland and a huge U2 fan! I tried to get tickets when they first went on sale but they sold off too quickly.



I understand it's credit card entry only and we will have to meet up with you to enter the venue. Looking for someone who is reliable and will come through for me. We would be commuting from Providence and I would have to book a hotel in Boston.


I'm willing to pay a reasonable amount for the tickets. Please reply here or PM me if you have any for sale.



Would also be interested in other dates but would really love to get the tickets for Saturday 7/11 as I work 6 days a week and this would be perfect.


Thank you in advance!!

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I have a pair of GA tickets for 7/11. I'm disabled, and my usual "mobility assistant" (friend who helps me get in place and ward off bullies) had to back out, so the pair *might* be available -- for face value plus the Ticketmaster fees and tax, of course. Advice about where to stay, eat, etc. comes free!


[MOD EDIT: No emails. please use the PMs. Thanks] if you want to talk further. If I can't go to the show, I'd love to see my tickets go to some fabulous fans!




Sarah Dylan Breuer

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