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Ireland Study Abroad Trip

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Hey Zoo, Well I've gotten my finalized acceptance letter, booked my flights, and just got back from a meeting about studying abroad in Ireland this May.

It's official (finally). I know I asked before for some helpful hints but I didn't save that post before the zoo migrated. Plus after this meeting

tonight I have a bit more of actual info to go on. Anywho, the trip is all over Ireland and Northern Ireland and I don't have a final itinerary but I do

know this much now, we will be spending at least a few days in Dublin, and we will be in a place called Cookstown for about a week. As for the rest of the

time, we will really be all over the place. I've got some travel books and such, but I'd like to hear about some places that maybe aren't

"touristy" that would be fun to see, particularly in Dublin and Cookstown. Basically I don't want to go to Dublin and end up in the Temple Bar

area for the whole time. With any luck, maybe I'll be around for the tour, that would certainly be quite a gift in itself! Thanks, Leasha

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Depends on what you are into :) I love going for long walks, hiking, hill walking etc so I would go either to Howth (Dublin Northside) or Killiney beach andhill/Sorrento Hill Park/Dalkey (my fave route, Southside).


Glendalough and Powerscourt in Co. Wicklow - probably the most beautiful place in Ireland, it's a must


Btw which Cookstown do you mean? The one in Dublin or in Northern Ireland?

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The Cookstown in Northern Ireland. And yes I really am much more of a walk/hike/ take the scenic route type of person as well. I'm also a bit of a history

person so anything with a story is likely to catch my attention. I'm going to end up being the person wandering aimlessly from the group and getting lost,

but as long as I know this before hand I figure I'm ok : )

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