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Need 1 GA for 7/11 to get the family to their first U2 show together!

R Hewson

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Looking for one GA ticket so that the four of us can make it to the 7/11 show.

I bought tix early on the tickmaster site, I thought I plugged in 4, but it only sold me 3 and I'm smart enough not to turn those down. I'm taking my wife. 13 yr old daughter and 10 yr old son to our first show together.

Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

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I have two GA tickets for 7/11 -- one of which I was planning to use myself, and one for a friend/mobility assistant (I'm disabled). I'd be happy to help y'all out with my second ticket if you can help me with my getting the full GA experience that I had when I was able-bodied. Basically, here's what I'd like, if you can do it:


1) Face value for the one ticket plus half the fees I paid to get the pair of tickets.


2) I'd need at least one adult in the family to serve as my "mobility companion," as I'm disabled. Basically, that job involves camping out with me in whatever line the venue puts me in (usually, the venue insists on a separate GA line for disabled people for legal reasons) and making sure that people toward the front of the GA line for able-bodied fans understand the situation.


Since I first started going to U2 shows (which was during the Unforgettable Fire tour), I've camped out as long as it took to get up close. In olden days, it was to get floor seats; nowadays, it's to get the best spot I can on the floor. I can still camp out as long as is needed and I can still stand for a show, but now that I'm disabled, I move slowly and use adaptive equipment (sometimes just a cane, sometimes a frame to help me stand). It's all VERY easy to handle, and actually I can set it up myself as long as I have a little space to do it, which the venue generally sees that I get.


Your family could also help me out by raising awareness and preventing bullying in the line and venue. Most U2 fans are cool, but a very few see any system in which disabled people wait in a separate line and enter the venue either by a different path or on golf carts as "cheating." A very few have taken it upon themselves to make sure I don't get a spot they think they deserve more than me by yelling, harassing, or even violently kicking or pushing me or my adaptive equipment so I fall. If my spare GA ticket goes to you instead of to someone I already know personally, I really need to know that you'd stand up for me if necessary so I can stand up for the show!


In return, I'd contribute gear, food, beverages, and such to make it comfortable and fun for whomever waits in line with me, and you'd have an extra person (a local resident with a car at that!) to hold your spot. You could also store any gear you want to have in line but not in the venue in my car during the show. I'd even be happy to drive your family home after the show if you wish (and if y'all can fit in a Honda Civic with the driver's seat taken).


If this sounds like a good arrangement, send me a private message. I need to line up a "mobility assistant" for my second ticket ASAP, so I look forward to hearing from you!

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