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2 Great tix avail - FRI JULY 10 - Loge 14

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Selling these as another friend is joining us in Boston... A U2pie reunion (!) --so we wanted 3 together.  

2 seats next to each other in Loge 14, row 12

My 30th year of U2 love.. so naturally I'm selling them at face value:  $599.25 for the pair.

Bought them on Ticketmaster during the presale.


The transaction:  You send me the $ via PayPal and I will send you the link to the tickets. Print them yourself.  

No sly deals here, folks--- not only is it karma,  It's U2!!!!

(I bought a ticket for opening night in Vancouver in this same manner thru the Vancouver Zoo Forum and it worked out just beautifully).


Because I need to recoup my cost on these, I will post them on Ticketmaster on Monday 7/6...  so please, if you are interested, say so! :)

I would much rather sell them directly here to another fan. 






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