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RU locked out of Zootopia?


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Deepest sympathies because you will not even be able to reply to this post...

Your posting is disabled and you are still in a moderator queue...

I am unable to offer any technical support and all I can tell you is that you are not the only one and they are working to solve the issue...

If like me you are absolutely desperate to get in I can offer a solution but it will cost you...

However, if like me you believe in investing in the future this will not be a problem...

You will need to be a new subscriber, get a new email, a new identity and a new password...

You will get two lots of goodies one of which you can leave completely unsealed in its box for your grandchildren to inherit...

That's right people...

Three score years and ten from now these items will be worth an absolute fortune!!!!

If you leave money - the taxman will get a piece

If you leave property - ditto..

U2 merchandise.....get your grubby paws off taxman

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