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Need to Get Rid of Tix for Tues and Wed Shows

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Hey guys - as you can tell I am somewhat new to the forums so I am not really sure if people post tickets for sale or not. If not, I apologize for the inconvenience. If so, please continue reading. 


I bought tickets for my parents to enjoy U2 back over the holidays however, their schedules have only allowed for them to attend the Saturday show. Unfortunately I had to pay triple for those tickets. Anyway, long story short - I need to get rid of the tickets that they can not use and would LOVE to get what I paid back. 


Tuesday (7/14) Section 316, Row 8 - Dead Center of the Arena. I paid $130 a ticket.


Wednesday (7/15) Loge 3, Row 4, Aisle Seat Included! I paid $300 per ticket.


I bought these tickets directly through ticketmaster so I would be able to directly transfer them to you through ticketmaster as well! Can also email directly, whichever is easiest.




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Ticket sales are allowed, providing these are for face value (or less than,if you decide that is ok with you)


Also, it's better to avoid posting emails and phone numbers in the public part of the forum - better use PMs...

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