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Happy Birthday Eve!


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Sun in Cancer

Moon in Taurus, you will have a great affinity with you father then, and if he thinks he can be stubborn he has met his match in you!

but all those planets in Leo.. wow

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter

you have a great big generous heart Eve.... you are highly protective of your friends...but incredibly sweet and sensitive. You probably know the exact thing to say to your mother if she is feeling a little disheartened and when the world volleys your father with flaming arrows of abuse, a cuddle from you and he immediately feels better...

you are a gentle nurturing soul but a proper party girl when the mood strikes..

enjoy you day....


This is your year Eve because you were born in the year of the sheep/goat

Venus and Jupiter are conjunct in Leo at the moment so this will be especially lucky for you

who knows you may have already found that special someone..... or maybe..... soon... he will have to be an incredibly brave young man as he will need to survive the gauntlet of your brothers and your father....

Blessings and abundance...


















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