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The Troubles


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Who is the troubles about? 


Does anyone else know why this song was written? 


Is it about a break up?


"I have a will for survival ...I can live with denial "... what is that all about....... live with denial ?? What is this denial lyric referring to ?? 


Or is it incorrectly written as "can" but it is "CAN't" .... As I can't live with denial ... I was in denial over my husbands gambling problem for too long ... I cannot live with denial anymore ....I have a will for survival ...



I just walked away from a very troublesome relationship ... (gambling ruined everything)


Is there a theme of gambling in this album - Every breaking wave ... every gambler knows that to lose is what you're really there for ... bloody hell, Bono knows it.... they are there for losing only ... they are not after a win ...I think they masochistly like the feeling of losing ... 


This troubles song really gets me.


"You think its easier , but before you threw me a rope, it was the one thing that I could hold on to" ....


What is that lyric all about ??? 


Has anyone else related to this song .... Bono has nailed it once again with his lyrics...... "somebody stepped inside your soul little and little they robbed and stole ... til someone else is in control" ..


Anyone who has been in a toxic relationship surely you can relate to these words

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Good you left. I support your decision. I appreciate your being open for sharing your experience. This is not the easiest song for me but I will try to share my insight and experience with you. I shall spare you the details of my last disaster. Basically,falling into a pattern of caretaking with someone more concerned about being right rather than how his behavior was hurtful to me. Now that I recognize this, it's only a mistake if I repeat it. It's much easier to see your blind spot in the rear view mirror. The importance for me was owning my own part knowing my own tricks.


As for the great(est) lyrical poet,like Bono, I believe he writes what comes to him then figures out what it means later.


"You think it's easier.. but before you threw me a rope, it was the one thing I could hold onto " this is the owning part. For me, I came to realize the energy I used for survival was fueled by anger.


In the song it's vague, with both voices,letting go of the power struggle, to take back their soul. To see how this plays out on a more broad spectrum, as in the troubles with the 'out side ' world. No need to be sorry for me, I would just hope this may be helpful to someone else.

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I think it's meant to be about an abusive relationship. Interesting how with the title, it basically uses the Troubles in Ireland as a metaphor for something that personal...


U2 have been criticised for using The Troubles as a song (dragging up the past etc, even though the album is about their youth when this all would have happened), but I took the song as being about domestic violence/abusive relationship.


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