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Nick Cave - our deepest sympathies....


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there are no words to describe the pain and anguish that you must be feeling right now so we won't even try.

Instead I am posting this hauntingly beautiful composition and I hope my fellow Zootopians do the same...

It was written by composer Howard Skempton upon the loss of his father....


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When we lose the ones we love and they are just a memory

Tiny children, parents, friends and loved ones taken suddenly

are they in a peaceful place that's free from pain and misery


You're alone It's late at night with just your memories of their life

He was only someone's friend and she was just another wife

Strangers to us all, but how, your loss it cuts just like a knife.


They have gone and you now cry, you never got to say goodbye

One last touch to show you care, your fingers running through their hair

who's now left to hold your hand, to guide you through this broken land


Winter, Spring and summer's pass, the leaves have started tumbling

but inside's an empty mass, you're like a bird that's lost a wing

Every Celebration now, will always have someone missing.


Now we know that when we go, we leave behind the ones we love

and the pain grows less each year, the sun still shines on us above.

We must all wait patiently to meet them in Eternity.....


original written in July 1991 for The Edge's 30th birthday....

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